Our Team

Adrian Flynn

Director and Principal Consultant


Adrian is a specialist in marine ecology, environmental impact assessment and biomonitoring. He has been an environmental consultant for over 20 years and has completed ecological studies and impact assessments for some of the highest profile development projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Adrian’s specialty is to link an in-depth understanding of biological systems with project-related stressors to assess impacts on aquatic communities and ecological functioning, and to develop best-practice monitoring and management programs. Adrian has led multidisciplinary research and consulting projects and has led several field expeditions in remote areas in Australia and overseas including Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Suriname, Laos and Tanzania. Dr Flynn is skilled in marine ecological surveys in temperate and tropical environments, biomonitoring, biotope classification, habitat mapping, statistics, ecosystem modelling and biogeography. He has a technical speciality in deep-sea ecology and has published several scientific papers. Adrian is a qualified ADAS commercial diver and a Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He is an Honorary Research Associate of La Trobe University and Melbourne Museum. 

David Donnelly


David is an experienced cetacean researcher with complimentary knowledge of marine reptiles, seabirds and other surface pelagic fauna. He has over 20 years’ experience in the cetacean research field and 15 years’ experience in open ocean surveys as a marine fauna observer.  David has completed numerous offshore operations across Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic in a consulting capacity or on behalf of the Australian government, scientific research institutions, the military and the oil-and-gas industry. David is a certified Marine Mammal Observer in New Zealand and Australia. David also is experienced in marine ecological surveys of temperate subtidal and intertidal reefs. He is manager of two citizen science projects associated with recording whale movements along the Victorian coastline. David has a long history of successful collaborations in developing nations. David is a qualified ADAS commercial diver and Coxswain.

Alex Fejer


BSc Hons

Alex is an ecological data scientist and GIS specialist. Alex specialises in coastal and deep sea habitat modelling and mapping, scientific computing, image classification and remote sensing data analysis. Alex is proficient in Python, R and C++ programming. He graduated with first class honours from the University of Tasmania where his project used remotely operate vehicle and multibeam sonar to quantify fish habitat. He also has extensive offshore experience from Alaska to the tropics. 

Giorgia Cecino

Senior Consultant

PhD Candidate

Giorgia is a marine spatial ecologist and data scientist. Giorgia has a technical speciality in ecological modelling and network analysis. She is skilled in R, MATLAB and Python programming and GIS, with particular expertise in data harvesting, statistical analysis and visualisation. She has also worked in the area of government agency environmental management in Europe. 

Kimberley de la Motte



Kimberley is an ecological scientist specialising in marine and costal environments. She holds a Master of Conservation Biology degree from the University of Queensland and is skilled in marine ecological surveys and data analysis. She has completed studies on shipping impacts on the health of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and impacts of coral rubble stabilization on the Great Barrier Reef’s Heron Island. Kimberley is familiar with statistical analysis and the use of tools such as R, MATLAB, Marxan and Maxent.