Marine and Freshwater Ecological Consulting and Research

Fathom Pacific

Environmental consulting and research

Fathom Pacific is a consulting and research firm that provides marine and freshwater scientific services in the private and public sectors. We are committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality outcomes. Fathom Pacific employs highly qualified scientists and collaborates with a network of consultants, researchers and laboratories to achieve these goals.

Over 20 Years Experience

Working on high profile developments across Asia-Pacific

We specialise in marine, estuarine and freshwater ecological surveys, impact assessment, monitoring program design, ecosystem modelling, spatial ecology, habitat mapping and strategic environment advice. We are committed to client service, safety and quality. Fathom Pacific routinely works in multidisciplinary teams on complex projects and in multiple stakeholder environments. With over 20 years’ experience in some of the highest-profile development projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Fathom Pacific has track record of successful ecological studies and impact assessments in tropical, temperate and high-latitude environments.

Our mission is to achieve excellent environmental outcomes for our clients, to support the sustainable use of marine ecosystems and to explore the oceans and waterways of our planet.  

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