Survey vessels and coxswains

Fathom Pacific owns and operates two survey vessels that take us from lakes to the open coast.  

Our coxswains have a track record of delivering safe and efficient science operations throughout Victoria, from water and sediment sampling to ROV surveys to scientific diving.

Underwater imaging platforms with positioning

Georeferenced, high quality underwater imagery is a core requirement biotope characterisation and mapping, inspection of habitats and man-made structures, and marine pest surveys. Image-based classification, automated feature identification, stereo camera measurements and mosaicking are some of the tools we bring to underwater imaging surveys.

Acoustic sensing of fish biomass and benthic habitats

Bioacoustics is a proven, cost-effective method of estimating fish biomass and other features of fish populations on whole-of-biotope spatial scales. 

Bioacoustics can be used to target the water column or seabed to monitor artificial reefs, macrophyte cover and fish biomass.

Environmental databases, ecological classifications and statistical tools

Other Services

  • Passive acoustic sensing of noise and cetaceans
  • Cetacean and wildlife surveys and bespoke database systems
  • In-house scientific diving (AS 2299.1) teams and equipment
  • Oceanographic sensors
  • Ecological sampling tools
  • A network of laboratories and collaborators, formal affiliations with academia and research agencies and a demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality outcomes